This Is Why Social Media And Onions Are Similar

Social MediaSocial media and onions are not so different. Onions make you cry, just as seeing someone’s social media makes you want to bash your head against the wall. Onions aren’t always necessary for cooking, but they make all the difference in taste if you toss them in that pan.

In a similar way, social media spices up your life. Most importantly, social media has just as many layers as onions do.

When posting on social media, you put your best foot forward. If you’re frustrated about something or someone, you let the world know. Subtly, hopefully. Celebrities, on the other hand, take on this platform to organically promote themselves and the brand they represent. Public relations agencies like Jonathan Hay Publicity and SEO firms like PR Caffeine know this.

Peeling social media apart

Minnesota-born actress Winona Ryder, model Emily Rudd, basketball player Kris Humphrey, and singer-songwriter Bob Dylan are of different generations and industries. But what they have in common is that they have to sell themselves. Figuratively speaking, of course.

The basic point of social media is to network with other people. It’s especially significant if you’re a known personality and you have thousands of people wanting to see a more personal side of you. While Twitter and Instagram are essentially personal, celebrities use these platforms for promotion too. It can be as simple as posting a photo wearing a brand they endorse. Or utilizing mentions as a booster.

Getting to the core

The Federal Trade Commision says there are different approaches to advertising. Some are blatant. Ideally, it’s subtle. The emergence of social media allows a faster and seemingly more personal way of networking. But at the core of it all, social media is all about getting the message, or brand, out there.

Celebrities have an image to take care of. What you see isn’t the only thing you’re supposed to get. Just like how you go on social media to get your point across, celebrities use this platform to (seemingly) candidly market their brand. Thanks to technology and microblogging, online marketing has gotten a whole lot easier. And a lot more natural.