Three Things That The iPhone X Camera Can Do

iPhone XThe year 2017 ushered in the release of the latest flagship phone by Apple, the iPhone X. With upgraded specs and a major hardware overhaul, the new iPhone is almost unrecognizable. It’s the most different iPhone to date since Apple has removed the home button and opted to have an all-screen front. The major overhaul also boasts a new A11 chip and Face ID, Apple’s facial recognition software.

Of course, it goes without saying that the tech giant has made changes to the camera for their flagship phone. While the resolution (12 MP on the rear-facing camera and 7 MP on the front-facing camera) seem just the same as last year’s iPhone 7 Plus, the iPhone X’s camera has been upgraded and is playing a bigger role than it’s predecessor. Here’s three of the new features that uses the iPhone X camera:

Portrait Lighting Mode

Last year, Apple introduced portrait mode, which lets iPhone 7 Plus users take photos with blurry backgrounds that look like they were taken by a DLSR. This year, they’re introducing portrait lighting mode, which lets users choose different lighting settings for their photos in real time.

Face ID

In lieu of the home button and Touch ID, Apple has included a facial recognition software called Face ID to the iPhone X. By far one of the biggest updates to grace the iPhone X, Face ID scans users faces via the phone’s camera to unlock it. What about changes in appearance, you say? Apple promises that Face ID technology will be able to recognize those. What about identical twins? No worries, because Face ID is also be able to detect whether a face is just a lookalike or a photo, thus not allowing them to gain access to the phone or use other Face ID enabled activities like making transactions through Apple Pay or the app store.

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Emojis have become a household name over the past few years, and Apple is capitalizing on that popularity with a new iPhone X feature: the Animoji. In essence, Animojis are as its name suggests, they’re animated emojis. iPhone users can send Animojis to other iPhone users via Apple’s messaging app. Using Face ID technology, the emojis are animated to mimic a user’s facial expression and movements. Users can choose from an array of emojis like cats, dogs, monkeys, and even robots. What’s a new phone without some fun features, right?