Using Web Proxy Software for Improved QoE

Man using computerThere are numerous positive benefits you can enjoy, as an organisation, from using web proxy software. These go beyond the short implementation time and inhibiting access to particular websites that you have blacklisted, only allowing those that are of primary benefit to the success of your organisation. Web proxies are predominantly security tools that provide a critical role in centralising server protection from internet threats before they attack your employees’ and clients’ devices.

However, typically, you can classify the capabilities and benefits of web proxy solutions into three broad categories, namely:

Minimising Liability

Various people view website content differently. What could be funny to one could be sexually explicit, racial, discriminatory or offensive to another. As an organisation, it is your sole responsibility to maintain normal web activities; you must come up with measures that will protect your staff from such liabilities.

You can achieve that by using web proxy programs to filter web content before your employees get access to it. These programs also come with monitoring technology so that you can maintain detailed logs of users that attempted access to inappropriate web content.

Data Security

Web proxies block access to harmful sites and preventing online scams from duping your clients into websites that can steal their personal login information. That provides you with an added level of protection from phishing, malware and other internet scams before they reach end-users and your clients’ computers.


Web proxy programs can prevent or limit access to online auctions and gambling, social networking, celebrity gossip, personal emails and torrents. That way, as an organisation, you will find this technology to be very helpful in addressing excessive access to non-work websites.

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With web proxy software, you can allow access to specific online content that you determine will help maintain a healthy working environment for you and your employees. You will also be able to budget for the network bandwidth that your company uses, on average, in a typical fiscal year.