VPN: A Look at the Software

VPN on a padlock and an ethernet cordAside from telling Edward Snowden’s story, the infamous hacker seeking asylum in Russia for being wanted in the US, the movie of his life also shows the positive and negative reality of modern technology. People who have skills like Snowden’s can hack into anyone’s computer and have access to anyone’s most private data.

Famous people such as politicians and celebrities might be common victims, but ordinary citizens who have an online presence, no matter how little, are also susceptible. This means almost all people in the world who have access to online banking as well as an email and a social media account, are not safe. The solution? Private Tunnel suggests using a tunneling software — more commonly known as a VPN.

What is VPN?

VPN is the abbreviation for Virtual Private Network. Its main aim is to protect your privacy by encrypting your traffic while still having access to a public network. Also, it changes your IP address, which means websites will not know where you are accessing their site from.

Businesses use VPN to protect data they exchange with remote data centers. Demand for VPN software is increasing because private individuals are also using the service. This led to the rise of a huge variety of VPN software available in the market.

What are the traits of good VPN software?

Like other software on your computer, no two pieces of VPN software are alike. It is up to you as a user to determine which one works best for you.

The first thing to consider is the price. There are free VPNs available, but of course, the standard of protection is not as high as paid ones. Also, check the level of protection. There are different kinds of encryption, and none of them are created equal.

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Lastly, check if the software you choose is compatible with your device. Research the software, its privacy, the features you can access, and reviews from consumers.

The internet is a wild jungle that has hunters we cannot see. As a prey to the hunter, it is important always to be a step ahead and protect yourself.