What a Proxy Server Can Do For Your Business

A network security administratorOnline privacy and security have vastly improved, much thanks to the introduction of proxy servers. These special network nodes allow Internet users to browse the World Wide Web protected from potential threats, such as hackers and malware. At the same time, they help safeguard sensitive data and business operations of any organisations.

Understanding how proxy server software programs work and what they can do for your company can make all the difference in the digital safety of your organisation. Here are a few of the situations wherein such software can prove to be more of a necessity than a luxury:

Keeping the workplace productive and free of distractions.

Today almost everyone has access to social media, and many use video streaming, online shopping sites, and even surf the web while at work. Business owners and leaders can prevent such distractions from ruining the workplace productivity through filtering content using a proxy server.

Bypassing geographical or location-based filters.

Many companies now outsource several of their organisation’s most important functions. From web development to copywriting, and from accountancy to human resource, the list goes on. Outsourcing has not only made many businesses operate more fluidly and successfully, but it has also helped numerous professionals find great work even from remote sites. Remote workers are cost-efficient to many employers.

The common concern here though is that remote employees can find themselves unable to access certain websites due to location-based filters. A great solution to this is a proxy server because it can bypass such restrictions.

Enhancing hardware performance.

This is particularly true for large organisations, which typically need massive bandwidth. All the activities they carry out online require high efficiency, and proxy servers can provide this to any business. Aside from reducing bandwidth usage, these nodes also help minimise cost while speeding up processing and saving of necessary applications.

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Proxy servers are a great asset to any business and could give you the limitations and access you want to set for your team.