What is Highly Accelerated Life Testing?

Product TestingHALT also known as Highly Accelerated Life Testing is a process used to test a product in increasing levels of stress. Factors like temperature, vibration, thermal transition and other stresses are inflicted.

Who uses HALT?

This accelerated test is used by major manufacturing companies in order for them to improve product reliability. These industries include computers, electronics, military, and medical. HALT testing is not always required but in some businesses like electronics, this testing is imperative to reduce if not eliminate failure rates.

What is the goal of HALT?

The goal of this kind of testing is to find a weakness in a product. When a weak spot is found, manufacturers will be able to improve it. This process continues until there are no more identifiable weaknesses.

HALT also aims to find a balance between the limit of a product and what is usually called as “product assembly.” This accelerated testing is specifically important for solid state products, Radio Electronics website stated.

Why is HALT needed?

If stress is imposed on a product beyond its restrictions, companies will be able to determine its operational and destruct limits. Additionally, if the product encounters problems while testing, decisions can be made easy on how to increase the product’s margins. Every weak link that can be found is an opportunity to improve the product.

Product reliability is an important aspect of business.

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A company succeeds when it is able to deliver products that live up to what it says it can do. By subjecting products to this kind of testing, it’s only then that the company would know about feedback information that can ensure its reliability. There are many services that offer this kind of testing and be sure to look for one that is credible and established in this kind of field.