Why Centralised Marketing Matters in a Hyperlocal World

Online Marketing in BrisbaneThe online marketing landscape is continuously changing; one method may work a few years ago, but is no longer applicable now. Localising marketing efforts is a trending strategy because it enables potential customers to find shops, restaurants or establishments in their neighbourhood. It is tempting to use multiple domains, depending on the location of your store. But, you must take a step back and determine if this is the right course of action.

The Relevance of Centralised Marketing in a Hyperlocal Landscape

Many companies specialising in search engine marketing services cite that you need to adjust to local needs, markets, quirks, interests and others to build your brand. In light of this, you mustn’t also fall for decentralising your online advertising campaigns. Centralised marketing is an old concept, but still works today.

You need to build strong brand equity to become recognisable and associated with certain words or items on the market. Doing this becomes a difficult task when you have to manage multiple domains with local or city names on them. Some will rank higher than others, and may actually lead to confusion on the side of your current and potential customers.

Branding in One Domain

Using one domain despite having multiple brick-and-mortar establishments makes it easier to manage and allow you to gain quality links and attract better content offers. All your efforts are on a single brand across different platforms and locations, enabling you to build strong equity, focus your value proposition, messaging and marketing.

Even if you are using only one domain, you still need to provide your branch manager a degree of latitude when it comes to advertising in their location. Treating each site differently allows you to understand the behaviour and buying psychology of the markets there. A single domain strengthens branding and enables you to reach your audience effectively with one voice. This, in turn, boosts relevance and profit.

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