Why Your Search Engine Rankings Drop

Optimizing Your WebsiteSearch engine optimization is increasingly leaning towards content value and user experience. With search engines competing to be on the top spot, expect to get penalized at some point due to low traffic if you fail to adhere to the implemented rules. Many businesses do not realize that having great content doesn’t just help you get on the first page, but also lets you get more customers. Your site must implement the right SEO strategies.

If you think that you’ve been doing everything right but you’re still not ranking high, here are some things you may be doing wrong:

Cheap backlinks

When people hear of back links, they end up making the mistake of building tons of links to try and get to the first page of SERPs. However, since the invention of penguin updates, Google can now detect unnatural link profiles. Bad link quality and lots of spammy links, penguin ends up penalizing your site in the form of low ranking. While links are still useful, quality and relevance are paramount to domain authority.

Poor user experience

A website that’s hard to navigate makes work hard for both search engines and your visitors. If you have a habit of keeping your content under multiple ads, banners or other oriented material, search engines penalize you accordingly. Work with a reliable SEO company in Minneapolis, so you can achieve a decent user experience that follows the basic UX rules.

Your site is not optimized for mobile

With Google getting half of its traffic from smartphones and tablets, if your site isn’t optimized for mobile users, this may affect your search ranking. Google views this as a poor user experience. Have an SEO firm optimize your site for mobile users, as this contributes to an increase in your organic search.

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If you’re not ranking well on search engines, there is a huge possibility that you need a big change in your campaign. The problem could be your links or website design. Have an SEO expert go through your site to check on the quality of your links, content and user experience.